Comm’r George Mentz JD MBA CILS  * ( 乔治·孟子 ) * ( ماينز ، جورج )   is a global education executive, entrepreneur, attorney, law faculty, and international award winning author and educator based in the United States.  Mentz serves as a Civil Service Commissioner, a Transportation Airport Commissioner and has served the Federal White House Education Department Commissioner for the Presidential Scholars Program and was appointed in 2019 after volunteering for several presidents and administrations without receiving any compensation or recognition. Mentz has been recently recognized with awards and been ranked as a top 50 Global Influencer in Wealth Management, B2B, Management, FinTech, HR and Project Management.  

Mentz is the first law professor in the USA to be triple credentialed and certified in: management consulting,  international law, wealth management/financial consulting, and financial planning along with having an earned MBA and JD/Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and US law license.  Counselor Mentz is one of the few  JD/MBA holders in the USA to earn a CILS Graduate Cert./Diploma in International Legal Studies.

Mentz is a global leader in skill education, quality standards and accreditation and he is the CEO and General Counsel of the 1st company in the USA to achieve Accreditation in Europe and ISO 29990, ISO 9001,  ISO 29993,  & 21001 Certification for Education Standards along with creating legal alliances on standards with the ACBSP, ECLBS, QAHE, IACSB, CHEQS, and CHEA. In 2020, Skills Education and Certification was made equivalent to degrees and diploma education by the US Government.

Mentz is the first educator in the USA to allow accredited program exams and courses to count toward board certifications under several legal agreements since 2004. The Wall Street Journal and Denver Post have both noted Mentz in quotes as to the approval of accredited college exams, courses and degrees as a pathway to certification. Mentz’s companies have also created direct training distribution with some of the world’s largest education providers and MOOC providers such as Reuters, Informa, EdX, Queens College, University of California and recognized other courses and programs directly with legal agreements with accreditation agencies such as the ACBSP or AACSB which accredits CSU Colorado and CU Colorado and the top universities and business schools in the USA and internationally.

Mentz is a two-time national award-winning speaker/professor, and a world recognized author/historian of over a 50 Books and Audio books and hundreds of training programs worldwide. Mentz is a serial entrepreneur who has provided ISO Certified education and certifications to thousands in over 25 nations and trained people in over 150 countries. Mentz’s educational consulting company is the 1st from the USA to be accredited by the TUV and ESQ and ISO Certified 29990 for Educational Standards while also achieving ISO 9001 Certification and being a signatory to the CHEQS Quality Standards Accords. Mentz has been offering PD “Professional Development” programs worldwide for over a decade.

Mentz is the first educator and lawyer in the USA to negotiate and integrate CHEA ACBSP and AACSB Accreditation Agency Quality Standards and  approved assessment and education standards as a pathway toward earning professional certification, specializations, and designations since 2004. See Legal Agreement

As an e-learning pioneer, Professor Mentz has personally taught over 250 courses in law, MBA, or business in the last 20 years. Again this year, Mentz has had various bestselling books in the areas of : Management, Finance, Education and Training, Money and Monetary Policy,  Comparative Religion,  Wealth Management, Developmental Psychology, Metaphysics &  Philosophical Criticism, Cognitive Neuroscience & Cognitive Neuropsychology, Mysticism, Project Management, Religion, and in Spirituality.

Mentz as a noted polymath and economist  has written frequently as a Newsmax Insider Economics and Finance Commentator and has been on the “Dream Team” writer for National Underwriter and a “Brain Trust” writer for other financial media outlets. Mentz has written many books on self help and spirituality and has won an IBA Award for his book “Quantum Bliss”  Mentz, a historian and human performance analyst, has written over 50 books and audio books with a focus on self-help, empowerment, spirituality and performance..  Mentz and his law students have volunteered for the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations as an analyst and writer for the BLS and Labor Dept.  to help people with career and job information.  Mentz has also analyzed the failures and effectiveness of business leaders and in 2017-8 Mentz wrote a  definitive analysis on the “success principles” of President Donald Trump and sold the rights to a top New York publishing house. The blockbuster book may come out in the Fall of 2020.  Mentz is a proud Sicilian, Hispanic with Native American and North African DNA who is broadly Northwestern European/Eurasian.

This site illustrates the background of the world recognized management consultant, Dr.jur.  George Mentz  (Counselor of Law)  —    Mentz is a licensed US attorney who holds a: Doctor of Jurisprudence JD Degree, an MBA, and an International Law Graduate Dip/Certification, along with several other advisory credentials and wealth management designations. Counselor Mentz and his diversified education and consulting companies have provided advisory and professional development related services to thousands of professionals on all major continents, to Financial Times Global 500 companies, and privately held corporations in over 20 nations.  With strategic educational capabilities, onsite &  e-learning programs, executive training content, metrics,  coaching and consulting, George Mentz and the Global Academy of Finance and Management have assisted thousands of professionals and major companies globally with:  personal development, soft skills, public relations, personal certification, standards accreditation, business skills, and more. Mentz was awarded an honorary DSS Doctor of Spiritual Studies or doctorate for his research and publications from the Emerson Insitute and has been Knighted by the Order of St. George Habsburg Lothringen in Europe.